Poppo’s Very Best Trick


Poppo teaches his granddaughter a mind magic trick, and it is his very best trick of all! Jenny learns how to keep her grandfather close, even after he dies. With Poppo’s help, Jenny discovers that her grandfather will always be with her. They will always love each other and that will never change.
Key Points
  • Encourages us to stretch our minds and to believe in mind-magic
  • Illustrates how the love we feel in our hearts never goes away, even after someone dies
  • Reminds us to share the love we have in our hearts with others
  • Shows us how to believe in ourselves and in the power of love
  • Teaches us Poppo’s very best trick; when we look into our hearts, we will always know our deceased loved one is with us

Poppo's Very Best Trick In the third book of the POPPO Series, Poppo is not only a loving grandfather; he is a teacher as well. He teaches Jenny his very best trick; how to keep him close after he dies. Through recollection and the power of mind-magic, Jenny finds comfort in knowing that the love she feels in her heart will continue to grow, even after Poppo dies. Those we love never really die; they live in our hearts forever. This book is ideal for children who have experienced the death of a loved one.

Poppo’s Very Best Trick is the 3rd in a series of 4 books written by Annie MacDonald to help children deal with the death or debilitating illness of a loved adult in their lives. The book begins with Jenny remembering her grandfather, Poppo. She remembers all the fun things they did together and all the things he taught her. Jenny recalls a conversation she had with Poppo about life, death, and life after death. Though the word death is not used, this conversation provides a positive, loving framework for children to understand the death of a loved one. When Jenny’s Poppo dies, the way her parents allow her to grieve openly and freely provides a wonderful, healing model for helping children deal with death including a spiritual reference to heaven and a visit to Poppo’s grave; an important ritual in the grieving process that is often avoided in these times. The book ends on a positive note as Jenny understands the most valuable lesson that her Poppo taught her that those we love never really die but live on forever in our hearts.

Once again, in this beautifully illustrated book, Annie MacDonald, through her delightful character, Jenny, takes on the challenging and often ignored task of helping children deal with the truly difficult issues of life, loss, death, and dying and accomplishes that in a way that is honest, effective, and hopeful. I would recommend this book to both parents and professionals working with children. And as with Annie’s previous book, Poppo’s Half Birthday Wish, adults may also be surprised to find their own comfort and healing in its pages! Beautifully done, Annie, the best book so far! I look forward to the next book.” Terry Raposo, MSW, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker and Psychotherapist