Moving on with your life when someone dies can seem difficult and scary. It is hard not to see, feel and touch your loved one the way you did before they died, but it can be comforting to know you can continue to share with your loved one in a new way.

Written through the eyes of a young child, the POPPO Books help grieving children and teens understand the progression of terminal illness and eventual death. They share in one of life’s greatest challenges. Follow alongside as they journey to heal grief and loss.

Poppo reminds us to find joy within each moment of our lives. He shares with us how the love we hold in our hearts is always present despite the many challenges facing children and high school students. He teaches us to cherish the bonds of love that will continue to grow even after dealing with grief from the loss of a loved one.

Written by a School Counselor, the Poppo Books offer a valuable resource to help grieving children.

The Poppo Grief Pack

Annie MacDonald has created a Grief Pack that gets right to the heart of the subject of death and loss of a loved one.

This 2-Pack selection is a teacher’s and school counselor favorite, as many children and teens are dealing with the passing of parents, grandparents, siblings, school friends and others. These books guide grieving students to find happiness beyond the sorrow that comes with loss.

I am a high school counselor and even though the Poppo Books are children’s picture books, I have found Bubbles for Poppo and Poppo’s Memory Book to be especially helpful. Bubbles for Poppo helps students to manage their grief after a loved one has passed, focusing on how to keep them close in their heart and their memory alive in a very simple, understandable way. Poppo’s Memory Book has given students a very tangible way to put together and preserve their special memories. Highly recommend! – Nancy Hall, M.Ed.

“I applaud you writing about such an important issue….I very much appreciate you taking the time to share this  touching story with me and I wish you all the best in the new year.” –  First Lady, Maria Shriver – Jan 2007