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“The Poppo books are an excellent tool to help children understand how to say goodbye and how to grieve the death of a loved one. One of the amazing things I found when reading these books is how they speak to both the child, and to the adult who is grieving. None of us knows what the right way to grieve is, or the right way to feel. The Poppo books offer a very unique way, and shows children how to figure out their feelings, to know it’s ok to be sad, and even more importantly, that it’s ok to be happy, to laugh, and to still have fun after someone they love has died. The unique thing about these books is that they help children not only to say good-bye to their loved one, but they also show that it’s still possible to keep the person who has died a part of your life. I originally read the books thinking I’d use them to help children who are coping with death, but I found that they helped me too. I recently lost my Mom, and I really understand now that I can still have her be a part of my life, just in a different way. There are lots of books about grieving, but not many that show you how you can still allow your loved one who has passed over to still be a big part of your life.” Angela Abt